Leveraging SAP BRFplus in Big Data Scenarios

by Tom Zamir

200 pages, 1st edition, ISBN: 9783960124542

Written for BRFplus consultants, ABAP developers, and solution architects, this expert guide offers tips and techniques for optimizing the use of BRFplus in scenarios where business rules need to be applied to many business cases simultaneously. Explore how to push past the breaking point of BRFplus rules by enabling scalability and process any size of population dependent only on the physical resources available. Review BRFplus basics. Dive into design rules for a single-run scenario and learn how to avoid poor-performance traps. Analyze principles for designing business rules for mass-execution scenarios. Obtain guidelines for designing ABAP programs to enable parallel processing of business logic, which is critical for handling big data. Get an introduction to the Application Interface Framework (AIF) and learn how to create HANA Rules Framework (HRF) using analytical mode in BRFplus. Readers will learn how to:

- Use BRFplus in a single-run scenario
- Create BRFplus rules for mass execution
- Design ABAP programs to enable parallel processing of business logic
- Monitor BRFplus with the SAP Application Interface Framework

Print edition

$ 29.95