Introduction to SAP OData Services

by Raju Shrestha

In this group of video tutorials, participants will receive an introduction to SAP OData & Netweaver Gateway concepts and learn about the end-to-end creation of custom OData service and testing. This video tutorial covers:

Part 1 – Concept, Terminology & Theory
- OData introduction
- Client server architecture
- What does stateless mean?
- What is RESTful?
- OData advantages
- Why is OData called the ODBC of web?
- What is the need for OData in SAP?
- Demo - Sample OData components and operations

Part 2 – Hands-on practical (Create Custom OData Service)
- Create a project using transaction code SEGW
- Define data model (i.e., entity types and entity sets)
- Generate runtime artifacts
- Implement the Data Provide Class (DPC) and redefine GET* & CREATE* methods
- Register and activate the OData Service (/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE)
- Test, debug, and analyze the SAP OData Service (IWFND/GW_CLIENT)

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