Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver Portal

by Darren Hague

272 pages, 1st edition, ISBN: 9783943546927

This comprehensive technical guide shows developers, technical consultants, and solution architects all the ins and outs of the Universal Worklist in SAP NetWeaver Portal. This hands-on workshop takes you, step by step, from standard configuration to working with different user interfaces and covers workflow integration from any back-end systems.

Readers get an exclusive look under the hood of the Universal Worklist functionality and gain insight on future application scenarios. By reading this guide you will be able to reconfigure existing applications to conform with the UWL, write UWL-specific applications or transactions and adapt data sets in order to have the appropriate work item IDs created. Many screenshots and code samples illustrate the processes in detail, allowing you work with the UWL functionality appropriately - just as you will soon be doing in your daily work.

- Standard UWL configuration: Connecting SAP systems, items in the UWL, changing the basic look
- Customizing UWL: Custom views, custom work item handlers
- Integrating other types of workflow: Ad-hoc workflow, publishing workflow, 3rd party workflow
- UWL behind the scenes: Performance tuning, working around limitations, SAP function modules